i can appreciate a pudding

this pudding

*holds a magnifying glass up to a pic of my brain*

*its a mosaic of pics of pudding and monster high dolls*


Twitter / Minoru0320: 太陽の顏 (´Д`) …

nintendo’s elite platinum gift for this year is a downloadable game……a bunch of the choices cost like 500 points in the eshop………….


i made iris & manny buttons to tide me over in lieu of the exclusive dolls!

available here

The thing it's strapped to is for holding sheets of paper for announcements (My college uses them in the cafe all the time) Which is about 11 inches. So that SAS is probably a foot or so tall!

holy shit so this thing is easily going to be RAH priced


HQ photos of HUGE Star Platinum “BIG SAS”.

(Apparently it’s a new line and that’s what it’s called?)


WHAT LOL… how big is BIG though? anyone know the cm on this?


Sweet Screams on display, per request (meant to post these yesterday)


Looks like we’re getting a new Vinyl line! Sooo cute!


Looks like we’re getting a new Vinyl line! Sooo cute!

can you reblog the giveaway more than once?

you can try but as far as i know multiple reblogs dont show up on notes anymore

hello, i have a question about your giveaway!! i plan to buy some stuff from your shop since your stuff is super cute :D should i include my tumblr url in the note for the giveaway as well as the giveaway code? so that you will know who to add more entries to?

ahh good question… you can if you want! but for those who have bought stuff and didnt put your URL dont worry! your entries will be counted under your email and then if you’ve reblogged it you obviously have another entry in the notes under your URL. so dont forget to check your email around the time the giveaway ends just in case!